Christina Ochoa (born Cristina Ochoa Lopez, in Barcelona) is a Spanish actress, science communicator and author.

Christina is the grand-niece of 1959 Nobel Prize winner Severo Ochoa, and daughter of acclaimed Spanish sculptor Victor Ochoa. She has spent her life surrounded by members of both the scientific and artistic world.

Theatre and film

Christina currently plays Renn Randall, a recurring role in TNT's Animal Kingdom, and is the lead on Blood Drive, for NBC Universal's SyFy channel - coming out Summer 2017. 

Christina began acting as a hobby, staring in theatrical plays in Washington, D.C., at the Little Theatre of Alexandria. She soon decided to pursue a career in performance arts, and moved to Madrid where she attended the Cristina Rota Conservatory and Film Institute. She has said: "Science was my whole life.... But when I got on stage for the first time, there was a void inside me that was suddenly filled ... one I hadn't even known was empty."

From there, Christina moved on to work in theatre and TV, including on I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Modern Family, The Neighbors, and Spain's La que se avecina, as well as in films, including Cats Dancing on Jupiter. Her first major recurring role was Karen Morales, on Robert Rodriguez's show: MATADOR.

She is the founder and owner of QE (Quantum Entanglement) Productions, responsible for the 2011 short film Stay with Me, which won awards (Including best actress) at film festivals both in Europe and the United States.


Ochoa has written articles for several publications. Her first published work was featured in Vogue Spain. She has regular spreads featured in H, in which she focuses on profile pieces and book reviews. She also has a monthly film column in El Imparcial.

Science and Academia

After graduating from Santa Isabel La Asuncion in Madrid, she went on to study oceanographic engineering at Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria, off the coast of Africa in the Canary Islands. She continued with advanced marine biology studies at James Cook University in Australia, where she focused on the Elasmobranchii subclass of fish, which includes sharks and rays.

She is currently working in science communication, studying physics at the Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (UNED) and has been an active member of MENSA since 2009.

Ochoa is part of the Los Angeles Committee for Science for Society, which promotes science in society and scientific literacy, and which is the sponsor of the Intel Science and Engineering Fair; ISEF. She is serving as host for the 2014 ISEF, in Los Angeles. She has also participated as an expert guest on scientific comedy podcast "Professor Blastoff", part of the Earwolf network. She is the official host for the MESA (Mathematics, Science & Engineering Achievements) Cobference in San Diego, CA. She also hosts the science segment "KNOW BRAINER" on BiteSize TV's nerd-centric show: Chaotic Awesome.